A downloadable game for Windows

Lost in Pizzas is an adventure game created in 48h for a game jam "Pizza Jam".

The goal is to assemble a full pizza by simply walking down a series of rooms
and returning. Simple enough, right? Well, let's see if you can remember the way.

Remember to play, rate and enjoy!

Technical Notes:

==== !!! IMPORTANT !!! ====
1. The doors are magical and the powerful magic sometimes fails (the image doesn't render properly).
In that case just walk through. If for some biazzare reason you can't see any way to get back, try walking
through the various doors ignoring what you see behind them. Some doors lead to other doors which when opened again
don't necesserily connect to the previous ones. Have fun navigating.
==== !!! IMPORTANT !!! ====

2. Press E to open the doors.

3. Press R to restart the current level. It won't be regenerated though.

4. Which each pizza piece the difficulty increases.

5. You can't mute the music, you must endure it.


lost-in-pizzas-win64-jamversion.zip 16 MB
Version 2 Jun 10, 2018
lost-in-pizzas-win32-jamversion.zip 13 MB
Version 2 Jun 10, 2018


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The game is pretty fun. I ended up breaking it a few times somehow.

It's an interesting memory game. The graphics are simple, but I kind of like them, they make you focus on the important parts, like the doors. After a couple of slices, the game gets suddenly much more difficult, it could be more gradual maybe. If you're interested, you could enter this game into this year's Game Development World Championship!

Hey again!

Here is the video of me enjoying your awesome game!



this game is really frustating for a pizza but its still great and i shall withstand it. its my first gameplay and the Technical notes things really happen haahhaaaa GOODLUCK!

We can assume that the rendering bug is a fully-planned feature and now everything is all right XD

its still grrat though, goodluck for the updates!